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Team Building Ideas That Will Feed Your Organization

I know what you are thinking: “What does a restaurant know about building an effective corporate team? Business strategy is not the same in the _______ industry as it is for restaurants.” Is that really the case, though? Let’s look at the similarities.

Do you work with clients? Are you selling a service? Are you selling a product? Do you have colleagues that you need to work with in an effective and amenable manner? Does your team need to support one another to complete projects, achieve goals, or make your company stand out? I am guessing you said “yes” to at least some of this. And I am guessing that part of your business strategy is having a team that excels in these areas.

These skills are essential in the hospitality industry. Some team building ideas from service industry professionals might not be a bad idea after all?

At Gracie’s, this is our way of life. A successful restaurant is selling a service AND a product, and needs a team that communicates, that supports each other, that wants to set and achieve goals, and that can work together to create an experience for each guest. Some of these skills come naturally, and others seem to be a secret that no one wants to give away. Sometimes, you get lucky, and it all falls into place, but even then, it takes work to keep the momentum going. In truth, though, these skills are not secrets; they can be learned just like any business strategy. 


Re-energize Your Team and Outshine the Competition

I know, team building ideas and events are a dime a dozen. Why would you go to a restaurant? What can we offer you that you can’t get somewhere else? This isn’t a fill-in-the-blanks approach; we’ve been working on this for years.

Each day, before we open, our entire team sits down and talks about what we are doing well, what we are not doing well, and how to improve in both of those areas. Not surprisingly, this demands an ongoing critical awareness of a dynamic environment, and attention to details; what works tonight may not work next week. But a team that trusts and respects one another is equipped to handle the unknown while giving guests the “Wow” factor -making each guest feel special with an unforgettable experience.

That’s the secret. Our award-winning approach to hospitality is based in building a good team. Get in touch to find out how we can share this with you and your team over a great meal. 


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