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The time has come to say goodbye to all of our favorite summer ingredients. But the exodus of tomatoes and basil marks the arrival of fabulous fall flavors. The menu at Gracie’s is making its own transition, as dictated by the changing seasons. Let us entertain your palate with New England’s finest autumnal offerings.

Roasted beets are a staple on Gracie’s colder season menus. We roast our beets with honey, sherry vinegar, thyme, and olive oil. This gives the already sweet beets extra sweetness and depth of flavor. They are served in a salad with hazelnut romesco, cilantro, Narragansett Creamery queso fresco, and roasted leeks. Earthy meets sweet meets herbaceous meets salty.

Spanish octopus has quickly become regular player on the Gracie’s menu. Ours is cooked low and slow until perfectly tender, then finished on the grill to add a hint of smoke and char. This fall, we are serving our octopus with fingerling potatoes, charred scallion aioli, a dusting of smoked paprika, and fresh lemon juice. These classic flavors create a beautiful harmony on the plate and in the belly.

If you know what’s good for you, you know that sweetbreads are perfect morsels of crispy, tender, deliciousness. Think chicken tender but even more tender and delicate. Sweetbreads are truly a delicacy. Ours are fried until golden brown, then a paper thin layer of house cured Mangalitsa pork lardo is placed over each crunchy sweetbread nugget. The lardo slowly melts from the warmth of the sweetbreads, adding luxurious richness to the dish. They are served with tart apples, crunchy cauliflower, and nutty marcona almonds.

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