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At Gracie’s, as in life, we meet wonderful people, and are privileged to have them in our presence. Sometimes, we only get to spend a little time with them before they move on, and even though we love having them with us, we know that they are looking forward to new experiences and challenges. So it is with Rachel, but we still felt like we wanted to share her story with you. Even though she is not working directly with the Gracie’s team anymore, she will always have a place with us. 

unnamedWhat is your name? Rachel

What is your job at Gracie’s, and how long have you worked here? 

I started at Gracie’s in 2010 and worked there as a back server for a year. I left to explore other things and returned again this past spring, sometime in the middle of May during graduation season, 2014.

What do you like most about working here?

What I’ve always liked most about working at Gracie’s is the simple fact that we source great products and our sense of local networking. I am an advocate for good health, I’m against GMO’s and the harmful effects that synthetically processed foods have on our health. Although, sometimes I do enjoy a treat of junk food probably because of the simple fact that I can. The way you enjoy a meal means everything. It is such a blessing to be able to eat and choose wisely what you eat, and to have fun with it! I also enjoy the challenge that Gracie’s has been. You really have to be passionate and curious about food and beverage. It’s about the learning process.

Is there a favorite item or tool that is essential to your job?

I would say my wine key is my favorite tool. It’s not any fancy brand. It was given to me over 7 years ago now. We’ve been through a lot together.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy a variety of activities. I grew up taking dance lessons which have transitioned into a yoga practice. I practice Bikram and Vinyasa. I do go out dancing when I get the chance. I’m picky about my dance music though. Aside from that I am very much a homebody. I thoroughly enjoy drinking tea, writing, reading, sewing, and drawing. Oh and I sleep.. a lot!

Tell me about the magazine you publish, Movable. What was your inspiration for starting that?

Movable is an independent art and culture magazine that started as an online blog and website, in May of 2013. It features artists from all over the world. They are all very inspiring. There are interviews, music reviews, all kinds of writing, contemporary art, photography, and a touch of fashion. The majority of the artists I have met at least once, although some I have not.


The biggest inspiration for Movable came from an internship I did for Vice Magazine in Belgium in 2009 after graduating from college. I have a bachelor’s degree in visual arts, art history and historic preservation. I studied a variety of art mediums and it took some time to realize and maybe just accept the fact that I like being the messenger. Meaning I find satisfaction in writing about other people. I have an eye for aesthetics especially colors, and I’ve come to know my culture as a sounding board for communication.

It’s incredible how many talented folks are out there, even with technological advancements and criticism it has brought to the art world. With that said, I’ve met people through my travels and when I pictured the magazine coming to life, I knew who I wanted to reach out to. The majority of everyone I spoke with felt honored. It’s important to them!

The big inspiration of making the magazine itself has been people that say they’ve read it or heard about it. My aim is about the work itself. I would love to remain behind the curtain if I could, and I will as much as I can. I’ve decided to search for funding to print the next issue. I need to raise $1,000 to maintain the website, and print 100 copies of issue 2. This way the magazine can be distributed for free. I want to get to the level of having advertisements pay for the cost of printing. I have to build a wider audience to get to this point.


What has been the biggest unexpected challenge in creating a magazine from scratch?

There have been small challenges as Movable started and is still in it’s beginning phases. Continuing to build momentum for it and staying focused. I really can’t turn back now. It was initially hard to keep up an online blog website because it needs constant new material to keep traffic flowing. It’s a lot of work. I knew I wanted the magazine printed eventually while keeping the integrity of the artists’ work. This means printing in full color and that means paying the money for that to be done. I create the magazine myself with in Design. Getting the content together is the easy and fun part. Designing the layout is great too, I just don’t like sitting in front of a computer for too long. But once I start to place all the images and words in the layout, I can’t stop and have to make it look just right.

What has surprised you most about it?

I gave a presentation last month in Providence about the history of zine making, short for magazine, and led a zine making workshop. People are starting to see what I’m trying to do here and that’s probably the biggest surprise.


Back to you for a bit, what is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Japanese hot pot cuisine.

What is your favorite song/band/album?

I’ve been listening to a band called 16 Horsepower and a band called Agents of Oblivion on repeat. I’m usually all about female vocalists, but both of these bands have male frontmen and their voices are both deep and haunting.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Green tea ice cream!

What is your favorite candy?

Favorite candy are Reese’s peanut butter cups. Always have been.

What is your hidden talent?

I don’t think I have a hidden talent, honestly.

​Do you have any parting words about yourself or about Movable?

​I just started a fundraising campaign to raise money to print issue 02. Also, farewell Rhode Island. I am driving across country tomorrow to live in Northern California.

Best of luck in your travels and new adventures. 

Thank you.

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