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There is a Light That Never Goes Out  |  Kelly Doran – Gracie’s Office Manager

Day or night, there is a light that never goes out. It is never dimmed and never dulled.

The light itself hangs above the entrance of Gracie’s, a AAA Four Diamond Award Winning Restaurant located on Washington Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Its domed, white frosted glass filters the light from inside to illuminate its own little piece of the world.  Gracie’s, in a society seemingly full to the brim with negativity, shines as a bright spot. We have built a reputation as one of the finest places around to dine. Each and every member of our team takes pride in our success. Our culinary accomplishments are obvious.

What is not as well know as our culinary reputation, but something in which we take as much, if not more pride, is our involvement in community outreach. Gracie’s strives to give back to the community. Perhaps because the community has been so very supportive, or maybe because it is the right thing to do. Either way, Gracie’s loves to give back to the community.

Every Thanksgiving since 2011, Gracie’s has hosted members and staff of ReFocus, a non profit that provides a loving, trusting, and challenging place for Adults with disabilities.  Guests sit down together to enjoy a Gracie’s style Thanksgiving feast. 80 guests join to make memories while sharing a meal. For many, the memories are more satisfying than the meal.  

In no small part to the team, who train and work tirelessly to perfect their craft, Gracie’s has become a home. Once you visit, you are family. In keeping with that mindset, the community cannot fall far behind. We believe everyone deserves to feel the warmth, comfort, and quality, that diners experience when they choose Gracie’s. Hospitality is either genuine or not, and, if your hospitality is, indeed, genuine, its impact must be felt beyond the walls of the dining room and we must care for more people than, simply, our patrons.

As fall approaches,  Gracie’s and ReFocus gear up to celebrate another Thanksgiving dinner and, once again, create those precious memories. People will sit together and talk, be in the moment, be themselves, laugh, and celebrate each other.

Team members from Gracie’s will spend the day cooking a magical feast for our special guests. They do it, not because it is part of the Job, or because it is part of their schedule. Rather, they do it because the thought of these 80 guests perhaps going without is too much to bear.  At the end of the day, we will celebrate one of our most treasured values: give back.

The light that never goes out is a symbol of hope, love, and community. It is a constant in our neighborhoods. Take notice of it when you drive by Gracie’s. Know that there is someone out there looking out for all members of our community.

It is the light that shines brightest of all. We are here to work for you. We are here for your special moments, to make memories.  We are here when you get caught in the rain and need a cocktail. We are here to provide a meal with your loved ones.

We are always here.

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