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Winemaker Series

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Sucrée is Gracie’s newest and sweetest dinner series. This pop-up, dessert-focused dining experience will certainly satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth!

There are so many outstanding pastry chefs in and around New England, and we want to give our local pastry chefs an opportunity to shine in all of their sweet splendor. For each seasonally-inspired event, we invite some of the region’s most promising pastry chefs to create with us for an evening of signature dessert courses and perfectly paired libations!

Past Sucrée events have featured Lori Kettelle of PVDonuts, Wetherley Hundley of Knead Doughnuts, Michelle Chen of Patisserie Chanson, Jennifer Luxmoore of Sin, Brian Mercury of Oak + Rowan, and Adam Young of SIFT Bake Shop Mystic.

Cooking Sessions

Cooking Sessions at Gracie's

Gracie’s Cooking Sessions is all about learning techniques from the professional kitchen which can be applied in your home cooking. We receive a lot of feedback from guests asking if we offer cooking classes. Well, we hear you and we want you to be happy! Each of these cooking sessions will have its own focus on specific lessons, techniques, and takeaways.

Our culinary team will be your hosts for the evening. You will work hand-in-hand with our talented kitchen staff to plan and execute a 3-course dinner. Along the way, you will see cooking demos, learn techniques and cooking lessons, and get plenty of hands-on practice.

Upcoming Cooking Sessions

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We dine as a family.

After dinner is prepared, everyone, including the chef and cooks, will sit down in our dining room to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Each course will be served with its own wine pairing, and our wine savvy service staff will be there to answer any food and wine pairing questions you might have. Learn, cook, eat, and drink with our passionate team!

Culinary Adventures


Bringing people together and creating lifelong memories over exceptional food is the premise on which all Gracie’s endeavors are based. Naturally, this inspiration has guided us into the exciting world of culinary tourism—and you’re invited!

Whether you’re a seafarer or road-tripper, our culinary adventures offer something for everyone. These intimate excursions merge cultural tourism with our team’s unparalleled industry skill and knowledge to create a foodie’s ultimate dream vacation!

Be a part of our inspiration and explore some of the world’s most significant dining destinations with those in the know.

Rome to Malta

Wine Dinners

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If you know anything about Gracie’s, you know that we never miss an opportunity to celebrate—and New Year’s Eve is one of our very favorite occasions! This year, we will also be observing the 19th anniversary of Gracie’s opening on New Year’s Eve of 1998, making this an extra special affair.

While NYE typically marks the passage of time, this year’s event will be a truly timeless celebration, featuring all of the exquisite and elaborate luxuries that one dreams of enjoying on New Year’s Eve (or at least, that Chef Matt dreams of enjoying on NYE!): think truffles, oysters, caviar, sweetbreads, scallops, Wagyu beef, and more enjoyed amidst an enchanting backdrop of sparkling *crystal moments* to the tunes of a three-piece jazz band all the way from the Big Apple!

On this particular evening, we will be exclusively offering our signature 5, 7, and 9-course chef’s tasting menus, with the option for varying choices within each course. As always, tastings may be paired with wine for the complete Gracie’s experience.

Reservations are required and can be made by calling 401-272-7811 or by visiting GRACIE’S RESERVATIONS. We will be taking reservations from 5–10:30pm. Black tie attire is encouraged.

This is sure to be a spectacular night of live music, plenty of bubbles, and, as always, sensational food. Let Gracie’s take care of you one last time in 2017!

Featured Events

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Beyond the Dinner Table

How to Create An Unforgettable Experience, Leave Lasting Impressions with your team, and Outshine the Competition.

‘Beyond the Dinner Table’ is a culinary experience, wine tasting, along with a discussion. It’s an excellent ice-breaker for a newly formed team, and a way to learn about each other beyond work titles & duties.

The leadership team at Gracie’s takes you on a journey.

Re-energize with your team. Sharing an intimate meal together is the best way to break preconceived notions about the people you work with, celebrate the successes, and bring your team closer together.

press releases:


“I think Gracie’s should also have a Supper Club or ‘Dinner with Strangers’ experience. I really enjoyed sitting down with influential people and getting to know them at the dinner. The interactive wine pairing activity was a great icebreaker for the group. As we were completing the task at hand, we also had a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level. You can’t go wrong with a three-course meal at Gracie’s where the dishes are fantastic and service is always impeccable. I went home with a deeper understanding for food and wine pairings, and also more compassion for others who do very important jobs in this city and state. At first, I thought I better read a few newspapers before attending and do my research on the state of affairs in Rhode Island. I expected to be in a room with opinionated movers and shakers who carry a lot of influence in the state, and while I did learn a lot from them about issues and solutions, it turned out I was also able to teach them something they didn’t know about Rhode Island.”

– Jamie Cohelo, ‘RI Monthly’

“Beyond the Dinner Table is a fresh and new program developed by and offered by the finest restaurant in the State of Rhode Island: Gracie’s. The food and wine education component is fascinating, the facilitation is highly professional, and the opportunity for a group of people to interact with transparency, humor, and security is outstanding.  This is a lovely alternative to more traditional team building and motivational programs. This is a no risk high yield activity.”

– Gary Avigne

It was a superb evening of inspired food and wine, robust conversation, and creative exercises to learn more about about ourselves, each other, our work, and passions. Delicious all around, thank you!”

– Marvin Ronning

Local Events

We strive to stay connected to the community by participating in exciting local events outside Gracie’s and Ellie’s. Please check back periodically to see what our beautiful state has to offer in the way of food & beverage happenings.

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