1. How many guests can Gracie’s accommodate for a wedding celebration:
  • Our Main Dining Room can accommodate up to 65 guests for an individually plated seated dinner, 80 guests for a family-style seated dinner, and up to 110 guests for a cocktail reception
  • Our Private Dining Room can accommodate up to 32 guests for a seated dinner and up to 50 guests for a cocktail reception
  • Our Semi-Private Lounge can accommodate up to 12 guests for a seated dinner
  1. Can we hold our ceremony and reception at Gracie’s?
    We have several options for hosting a ceremony in our Private Dining Room or Main Dining Room. Our Private Events Leader, Maria Ritchey, will be happy to discuss this in more detail.
  1. Is there a venue rental fee?
    We do not charge a room rental fee for our standard 4-hour event duration. Should you wish to reserve one of our spaces for longer than 4 hours, we offer 1-hour incremental extensions at $500/hour.
  1. Is there a food and beverage minimum?
    We do include food and beverage minimums for the reservation of our spaces, though if these minimums are not met, the remainder would be supplemented with a room rental fee.
  • Wednesday – Sunday, the food and beverage minimum for the Lounge is $1,000
  • Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday the food and beverage minimum for the Private Dining Room is $1,500
  • Friday & Saturday the food and beverage minimum for the Private Dining Room is $1,800

Food and beverage minimums for the Main Dining Room:

Food and Beverage Minimums for  Peak Season (May – December)
*Wednesday $9,000
*Thursday $9,000
*Friday $13,000
*Saturday $15,000
*Sunday $9,000
Food and Beverage Minimums for Off-Peak Season (January – April)
*Wednesday $8,000
*Thursday $8,000
*Friday $10,000
*Saturday $13,000
*Sunday $8,000
  1. What start and end times for events are available?
    We can start an event as early as 5 pm, and events are welcome to run until midnight.
  1. Can you accommodate dietary restrictions/allergies?
    We are happy to accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies.
  1. Do you offer off-site catering?
    Yes! We are currently accepting off-site catering opportunities.
  1. Do you offer wedding cakes?
    Yes! Our sister eatery, Ellie’s, offers a full bakery from which we are delighted to create the wedding cake of your dreams. From small and simple, to a vividly decorated and tiered masterpiece, Ellie’s pastry team will be able to capture your vision. Ellie’s also provides a variety of delectable petite dessert displays and guest favors that make wonderful sweet additions to your special day. Reach out to Ellie’s Catering & Events Leader, Stephanie, here to schedule a cake tasting and begin the wedding cake process!
  1. Do you offer outdoor space?
    We have a spacious sidewalk upon which we can place tables and decor for any Main Dining Room celebration. This space can be set up to enjoy cigars during the reception, host popular sidewalk games, such as cornhole or Jenga, or to be enjoyed however you envision.