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We are honored to receive the AAA 4-Diamond Award for the sixth year in a row! Every single member of our team plays an important role in our continued success. Yes, our team is filled with hard working, talented individuals dedicated to their craft, their values, and the values of the Venture. For this, we are truly blessed. However, this is not just about each individual passionately focused on his or her area of expertise. So much of our success comes from how we work together as a whole.

Our team is our family. We spend more time with our teammates than we do anyone else in our outside lives. We rely on and learn from one another. We leap at the opportunity to lift each other up and help out one of our fellow teammates. We are mentors, role models, and leaders; each and every one of us. Together, we achieve greatness!

This award is a reminder that none of the little details go unnoticed. It lets us know our hard work is appreciated. We are all so proud to be part of this beautiful venture. To work in a place that allows us to be ourselves, to do what we love, to be innovative, and to push ourselves to achieve the very best possible outcomes, is constantly gratifying. This award reminds us how much you care that we care.

Finally, a most grateful thank you to all of our guests! Thank you to every compliment you ever gave us. Know that when you say, “please let the kitchen know how much we enjoyed our meals”, we do; and the kitchen staff loves this. Thank you to everyone taking time to provide us with constructive feedback. We care about your experience. Your feedback, both positive and negative, lets us know what our guests expect and how we can constantly evolve into something better than we are.

In the wise words of a famous cartoon candélabre; “Why, we only live to serve”. Hospitality runs through our veins. Making people feel special makes us feel special. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love to do!

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