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We will be hosting this late summer dining experience at Blackbird Farm in Smithfield Rhode Island. The farm is a gorgeous, airy backdrop to this very special dessert and cocktail multi-course experience. 

The evening’s Tiki themed menu will focus on the incredible ingredients that this short and sweet late summer season has to offer, drawing inspiration from the fresh herbs, flowers, and fruits that define us during the summer in Rhode Island. Carefully curated cocktails will complement each course of the dessert tasting, and will also take center stage during the cocktail hour around the farm’s grounds. 

Sucrée was born from the dream of former executive pastry chef Melissa Denmark, who oversaw the pastry development  of Ellie’s as well as Gracie’s. Melissa was with Gracie’s Ventures for eight years, she brought an incredible attention to detail and deep artistic understanding of flavors and pastry aesthetics. When Denmark moved on it was to help tend to the farm her and her wife purchased in Rehoboth, a new home for Moonrose Farm. While Melissa is no longer spearheading the pastry programs for the two locations, her legacy is visible in many facets of Gracie’s Ventures, and Sucrée is a notable one. 

Max: What was your inspiration for Sucreé?

Melissa: I met so many talented pastry chefs through different events, dining out and from working at Gracie’s and Ellie’s that I imagined an epic multi-course dessert experience that featured a rotating cast of creative pastry chefs. I knew I wasn’t the only one who would be thrilled to enjoy a night filled with sweets, and as soon as I started talking about the idea, the interest from guests and participating chefs was great!

Max: I’m sure it would be hard to pinpoint what was your favorite Sucrée, but what was one of the most rewarding experiences hosting Sucrée?

Melissa: One of the most rewarding parts of the experience was how much fun everyone had. Guests dressed up for the different themes and the chefs created extravagant and unique desserts that were specially designed for this event alone. 

Max: What was your favorite dish you served?

MelissaOne of my favorite dishes was Halloween when I made a black and red dessert. The best part was the red plum sherbet that was covered in a black cocoa magic shell.  (The full course was a black sesame pavlova, squid ink caramel, plum sherbet, black cocoa).

This summer’s Sucrée has been reinvented. Historically, community seating has been one of the many treats of the dining format during Sucrée, guests loved sharing the experience together. . In an effort to host this event safely and comfortably, we will be following thorough COVID-19 prevention guidelines to make sure everyone has a fun and healthy experience. We will be able to spread tables out in the beautiful fields at Blackbird Farms and really soak in the experience of being on an incredible farm. While it might be a little different than before, this Sucrée will be exactly what the soul needs after months of being cooped up indoors.

We can’t wait to see you at Blackbird Farm!

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